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Chronograph watches are often used to measure time in a race event. Generally watches chorongraph has three buttons on the right side. Top button is used to measure the seconds can measure the speed to 1/100 (one hundredth) seconds. Then the center button serves to set the hours and minutes, the same as a regular on the watch. While the bottom button is used to stop the seconds turned on by button above and mebailkkannya to its original position, ie in figure 12. - See more at: http://blog.arlojinesia.com/seiko-chronograph-ssc079p1.html#sthash.k4PIVZ42 .dpuf
SSC079P1 a seiko watches with chronograph function which has 100m Water Resistance, Stopwatch function, alarm function, date display at 3 o'clock.

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SSC079P1 using steel rope Black with blue background variation hours make it look very luxurious.

- See more at: http://blog.arlojinesia.com/seiko-chronograph-ssc079p1.html#sthash.k4PIVZ42.dpuf

how to easily setup time watches

Watches Casio Illuminator tell you the time regardless of how dark your neighborhood with backlightnya that can be automatically or manually illuminate. If you just received this watch from the store, you may have questions about how to set the time and ways of working lights. You certainly want to watch your show time correctly and ready for use before getting on your wrist and is used throughout the day. Here are some steps to setting casio illuminator and do your own arrangements watches effectively in a short time. - See more at:http://tokojamtanganfashion.com//cara-mudah-seting-waktu-jam-tangan-casio-illuminator.html#sthash.xlA09Ud2.dpuf
Hold the top button "A" (located on the left side of the watch) until the numbers in the second starts flashing, which brings you to be in-time setting mode. Press the button below "C" (located on the right bank of hours) to reset the flashing seconds to "00". While the lower button "B" (located on the left side of the watch) is pressed, a different time fields appear in this order: "Seconds", "DST (Daylight Savings Time)", "Hour", "Minute", "day "," Month "," Year "and" 12/24 ".
Press "B" to enter the "DST". If you need to adjust for Daylight Savings Time, press "C" to turn on or turn it off. Enabling DST will advance one hour. DST setting is represented by a "1" next to the date and siombol "DST" over time on the screen.

Press "B" to highlight the "Clock"; "Minutes"; "Today": "Moon"; or "Year" and use the "C" button to set each of these sections. Hold down the "C" to move quickly. When you highlight "12/24 (12 hours and 24 hours)" press "C" to switch between the two. Press "A" to save your settings.

Pull out the crown knob (located in between the two buttons on the right side of the watch) to stop the clock when it reaches 12:00 to begin to set. Turn the crown knob to set the hands to the correct time. When seconds on a digital screen to enter "00", push the knob crown entry
Hold down the "C" for two seconds to turn on the lights automatically. Backlight automatically turns on for two seconds when you lift the parallel clock and the slope surface at an angle of 40 degrees. 

Hold down the "C" again for two seconds to activate the automatic backlight off or die. Or by regular press button "C" to illuminate the screen for two seconds.
Hopefully bermanfaa - See more at:http://blog.arlojinesia.com/cara-mudah-seting-waktu-jam-tangan-casio-illuminator.html#sthash.xlA09Ud2.dpuf